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Discovering Paxton House – by radio

I was privileged to be invited by Tony Henk and Colleen Henderson-Heywood to help create a show for local Alnwick-based community radio station Lionheart Radio.

I knew that Tony and Colleen had bona fide credentials – I’d listened to a previous show they’d done together about the Berwick Stoma Society. The programme was revelatory, entertaining and darn good community radio.

So, how to make a radio show that conjured the atmosphere, sights, history and stories of a stunning attraction in the Scottish Borders in Berwickshire – the marvellous Palladian Mansion, Paxton House?

Swans above Paxton House

During the making of the show there weren’t swans above Paxton but we did hear and see a skein of geese.

The answer was careful planning and fab support and access from Paxton House – including super shepherding and storytelling from Paxton tour guide, Jim Casey. And, of course, a brilliant creative team including classical singer, Tamsin Davidson and her ten-year-old daughter, Tilly, lithe-fingered pianist, James Tweddle, and patient and sympathetic editing (done in his front room!) by producer, Tony Henk.

The result is a blended radio show that allows the listener to enjoy the sights and sounds of this lovely stately home without leaving their armchair. I’m proud to have been a part of the programme. The first airing went out this morning (Tuesday 6th March) and there’s a further transmission today at 9pm and an additional chance to catch ‘Discovering Paxton House’ at 2pm on Thursday. Do tune in by following the link to Lionheart Radio above.

It’s amazing what you can create with an enthusiastic team and determination. Hats off to Tony Henk for driving the project and seeing it through.

Salmon netting at Paxton House

Traditional salmon netting at Paxton House



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