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World Cancer Day – Feb 4th 2017

Border Lines


I’m reblogging this post because, two years on from the original post, it’s World Cancer Day and the facts about bowel cancer remain the same.

Bowel Cancer UK is one of the ten charities aiming to get people talking about particular cancers, spotting and responding to symptoms, and dealing with treatments.

Bowel Cancer is the second biggest cancer killerin the UK. As someone who’s just completed treatment for it,I highly recommend that you get checked out if you’re at all worried. You can find a list of symptoms on the Bowel Cancer UK and NHS sites. You’ll find my own experience of discovering I had bowel cancer here.

I’m not a greatfan of thelanguage that’s developed around cancer. To me, terms like ‘beating’and ‘fighting’cancer areloaded and evenunhelpful – you can read about why I personally feel that wayhere. However, I do believe thatthe more we talk openly…

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