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Hip hip hooray for HospiceCare supporters

I’m SO pleased with the new ‘Proud to Support HospiceCare’ web banner .

HospiceCare North Northumberland

Just click on the pic to visit the HospiceCare North Northumberland website and find out more about why your support makes a difference to people’s lives and why we want to show our appreciation.

Look, I’m aware this little banner probably seems like something yawn-makingly basic to many people. But it’s pretty much the highlight of my week because I had no idea how to make it happen and now I do. But mostly I’m delighted because we can provide a code to our supporters and they can upload the banner to their websites. This means we can say thank you to them for their support and that they can publicly proclaim that they are proud to support a vital local charity. Hurrah!

I’m also pleased and grateful that it was another local charity that helped us get it together. When local charities work together with local people, local businesses and local organisations – great things happen! So thank you to Andrew Smith of Kreative Technology and Berwick Cancer Cars for taking time out to support HospiceCare.

And today more cross-charity collaboration when the wonderful Emily Casson (find her on Twitter) of Cats Protection League who gave the HospiceCare team a fabulous insight into digital fundraising. Sharing knowledge and expertise is a vital part of any organisation’s success and collaborating with fellow charities is refreshingly motivating and inspiring.

HospiceCare Fundraising Team with Emily Casson, Digital Marketing Manager of Cats Protection and Chair of the Institute of Fundraising North East group (second from the right).

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