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Autumn Festivals: Save the dates

My family arrived in Berwick-upon-Tweed from North London on the last Saturday of August 2010. Our new house was piled high with packing cases and all the loose shoes, clothes horses and pillows that seem to self-seed when you move house. The Husband announced that he had signed us up for litter picking duty at some Food & Beer Festival in a place called The Barracks the following day.

I wish I could say I merely waved an arm at the mountains of unpacking  that needed to happen before our then eight-year-old started her new school in a few days’ time. Over the sound-blast of my fury, The Husband said: ‘It’ll be a way of getting to know people.’ And, of course, he was right. Eight years later, we know an awful lot of people in Berwick, the now 16-year-old is well-established – and we’ve nearly finished unpacking!

And here we are again, looking forward to the Berwick Autumn Festivals. History and buildings, film and media arts, the written and spoken word in all its forms and genres, eating and drinking ethically and locally – Berwick’s got a festival for that! So get the dates in your diaries and plan your trip and stay.


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3 thoughts on “Autumn Festivals: Save the dates

  1. Thanks for this well-timed advanced reminder! Are you able to throw any light on the small discrepancy between Literary Festival web site, which gives dates as Fri 19th to Sun 21st Oct and the Festival leaflet, which says Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st?

    • Dave – I see what you mean. Not at the moment – although last year there was a Wilson’s Tale event on the Thursday linked to the LIt Fest. I’ll check with the organisers and see what they have to say. Thanks for highlighting! x

    • And, yes, it turns out that the Thursday evening is likely to be a Wilson’s Tales event again in 2108. So plenty to look forward to at the Literary Festival!

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