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Resolutions for 2015 – you’re having a laugh!

What can I say? I laugh in the face of resolutions. If I do make them, I keep them a secret. The sort of things I’d like to be – more organised, less tense and stressy, more focused – are simply not possible to achieve through resolutions. Overall, I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to do something the only way to do it is to get on with it. Waiting for the beginning of a New Year to commit to something is simply a form of procrastination – a way to let yourself off the hook. So, having already written my own get-out-of-resolutions-for-free card, here goes.

New for 2015 in Jackie Kaines world:

– Get up earlier on at least three days a week (aim = 6am)

If I’m going to fit all that exercise in (see below) and maintain normal life, this is a must. I’d also like to reinstigate something that has slipped of late: a time of peaceful personal and spiritual reflection.

– Eat no meat or fish on two days a week

If I had the time (and the ingredients) to create  Yotam Ottolenghi recipes every day, this would be easy. Realistically, we may be facing a bowl of warmed up lentils twice a week. However, I have expressed my reservations about how our society grows, feeds and produces meat (and fish) on a number of occasions and am determined to edge towards putting my eating where my principles are. I’m hoping I’ll discover some new and exciting ways with veg and dairy.

– Exercise on at least five days a week – even if it’s just a turn round the historic walls of Berwick

The Husband & I are aiming to do a 26.2 mile coastal walk with Shepherds Walks in May – so this is an absolute must.

– Drink no alcohol on at least two days a week

This could be the hardest to achieve. I am not a one-glass-of-wine kind of girl. I also find it increasingly difficult not to have a drink every evening. It’s the 8pm crumble that gets me every time. The ‘oh, why not? I won’t have one tomorrow.’ Fact is, I enjoy a drink with friends and I don’t want to drink myself into a situation where the only thing left is to give the wine up altogether.

I shall keep you posted on how it all goes. Meanwhile I’m popping downstairs to let the Husband and 13-year-old know. I wonder how they’ll take it?

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2 thoughts on “Resolutions for 2015 – you’re having a laugh!

  1. Yep just about with you on all those plus an extra is to take control of the amount of time with my iPad and ban it from the bedroom. Cheeky thing

    Best tip for that 8pm time is alcohol free lager which I love and gives me a kick! WHY? Anyway my best way out of the drinky moment. I have one in front of me now. well I know it only 6.30 but we start early down South.

    Shall post my preserve resolutions next week but just need to find my trainers – last seen Jan 2014

    Happy New Year

    • Hi Pippa – Happy New Year to you too. I suppose my resolutions are really covers for other things like: lose weight, get fit, drink less, use time more productively – but unless I am really specific I’ll fall at the first hurdle! I have yet to have an alcohol free day so the lager sounds like a plan! Often I find a cup of tea instead of the glass of wine will delay/distract me til bedtime. I am currently debating with myself what exactly constitutes exercise. Does, for example, walking to the supermarket equal a daily dose of exercise? Or is that simply part of life? And as for meat and fish free eating…that one’s still to chalk up its first day too – suddenly that little anchovy or rasher of bacon included to liven up some pasta with garlic chilli and broccoli or that anchovy whizzed in butter to drizzle over my softly boiled egg are not so innocent. I shall have to be inventive! Jackie x

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